BitMinutes: The Bridge To Financial Inclusion

Several third-party applications are in the process of using BitMinutes as follows:

BitMinutes are currently integrated with partners for value convertibility to a series of global disbursements networks including Mastercard. This permits BMTs to be converted to cash by third-party exchanges and directly deposited into bank accounts and mWallets, as well as cashed out via the Trusted Agent Network (TAN).

BitMinutes can be leveraged as collateral for loans, increasing the spending power and amount of working capital available for borrowers.

The payments and usage history become big data and will be utilized by a BitMinutes AI engine to calculate a proprietary “TAN Credit Score” algorithm for use in micro-lending.

Selling and lending BMT-based microloans creates a business opportunity for entrepreneurs globally; turning the corner retailer into the corner banker and delivering banking services to the smallest of villages worldwide.


An ongoing partnership with Akoin, a technology company founded by global musical artist Akon, strengthening the company's opportunity for growth in Africa. BitMinutes has the digital infrastructure necessary to execute the distribution of tokens, and a large enough network of partners to ensure that there will always be liquidity for tokenized minutes. Combining this infrastructure with the network and reputation Akon has built for himself through initiatives like Akon Lighting Africa might make this one of the more feasible execution plans on the digital asset horizon in 2020.


Women For a Better World (WFABW) has recognized that the most vulnerable individuals on the world stage are women who are financially excluded. With women accounting for up to 55% of the world’s underbanked, WFABW has worked tirelessly to connect with these underserved women groups and sought to engineer lifestyle betterment solutions. The challenge facing these financially disenfranchised women has been lack of job opportunities in their rural communities and that they are burdened by the demands of caring for their families. WFABW found the wide-reaching accessibility of BitMinutes and the socially oriented low-cost financial services that BitMinutes already had in play to be highly advantageous to rapidly improving the lives of women (and men) on a global scale. WFABW utilizes BitMinutes’ extensive Trusted Agent Network and is actively educating populations in Nigeria on the first and second generation financial inclusion products BitMinutes offers.