Effortlessly Sending Money Globally

BitMinutes’ advantage lies in the ability to provide mobile-enabled international cash transfers, creating BitMinutes' and turning carriers from potential competitors into willing partners. BitMinutes targets national distribution chains and large wireless carriers directly and via their existing trusted financial services providers. This strategy allows ubiquitous compatibility and the widespread offering BitMinutes services. A single clearinghouse partner relationship already reaches over 1.2 billion consumers.


Free Money Transfer

Effortlessly send money abroad to countries and pay zero in fees for standard transactions. All patrons need is a bank account and either a computer or cell phone. Simple! Secure! Speedy!

FREE & EASY Never a transaction fee. Shopping the competition will reveal that recipients almost always get more money with BitMinutes.
FAST & RELIABLE Our extensive global network guarantees that transactions are lightning fast and reliable, no matter when you need to send money.
SAFE & SECURE Every transaction is performed over the most secure and efficient platforms found in the world.

P2P Cash Technology, Inc. is the operator of the money transfer platform using BMTs as the underlying value transfer technology. The Send Cash Home Free! Program will be promoted via a digital marketing campaign. Funding is only accepted directly through the BitMinutes App or online from consumers with a bank account in the U.S., eliminating significant costs of brick and mortar operations. Revenue is generated only from the currency exchange rate only and transaction fees are only charged under exceptional circumstances, i.e. for US dollar transfers to El Salvador, which uses US dollars as their currency. Net revenue by way of FX margin averages from 0.5% to 1% of the amount transferred after distribution/partner costs. Via integration with Mastercard’s global distribution network, BMT can be directly deposited into 1.2+ billion mWallets and bank accounts.