Why Buy BitMinutes?

  • Buy as many BitMinutes as you need.
  • Send them to friends and family as a remittance.
  • Use BitMinutes to “Top-Up” your mobile phones.
  • Redeem your BitMinutes for cash.
  • Register here to set up a free BitMinutes account.
  • Minutes never expire

Welcome to BitMinutes

The world needs a reliably priced, universally accepted unit of exchange for mobile payments. BitMinutes builds on the universal acceptance of mobile phone airtime minutes to create a simple but useful international unit of exchange.

  • Pegged to the U.S. dollar: 1 BtM = $1
  • Use as phone minutes (Call the Philippines for 20 minutes using one BitMinute, for example) or to pay bills at participating vendors and government agencies
  • Fully convertible back into cash.
  • Long-term value: BitMinutes never expire.

How to Buy BitMinutes?

You can purchase BitMinutes with your credit or debit card issued by Visa Card, Master Card or Discover on our secure site.