Why Buy BitMinutes?

  • Use BitMinutes to “Top-Up” your mobile phones.
  • Send BitMinutes to “Top-Up" your friends and family mobile phones overseas.
  • Redeem your Unused BitMinutes for cash in 70 countries.
  • Register here to set up a free BitMinutes account.
  • BitMinutes NEVER Expire.

Welcome to BitMinutes

The world needs a reliably priced, universally accepted unit of exchange for mobile payments. BitMinutes builds on the universal acceptance of mobile phone airtime minutes to create a simple but useful international unit of exchange.

  • Use as phone minutes (Call the Philippines for 20 minutes using one BitMinute, for example) or to pay bills at participating vendors and government agencies
  • Unused BitMinutes redeemable anytime for cash in 70 countries*
  • Long-term value: BitMinutes never expire.

*Redeemed BitMinutes subject to 3% Processing Fee and location restrictions.

How to Buy BitMinutes?

You can purchase BitMinutes with your credit or debit card issued by Visa Card, Master Card or Discover on our secure site.