We deploy digital means to reach financially excluded populations with a range of financial services that point towards advancement in those populations.

A Global Gateway to Full Financial Inclusion

BitMinutes recognizes the need for first and second generation financial products among underserved populations in Africa, South America, and Asia. Through proprietary technologies BitMinutes has been able to create innovative transactional and payment platforms (first gen) and has most recently focused on solutions for deeper financial inclusion (second-gen) such as savings, credit, and loans.

Our financial inclusion strategies are mirrored by companies such as Bakkt who’s monetizing loyalty and rewards based assets. BitMinutes does the same by monetizing universal prepaid minutes for 4 billion people globally, in essence creating a “minutes economy” among the financially excluded.


Savings Programs

BitMinutes offers unique programs that serve to advance an important element of financial inclusion: savings. Access to reliable savings options through trusted institutions is non-existent in the underserved regions of the world. BitMinutes has tailored programs for key markets that are geared towards longer-term savings habits. Access to savings products can help low-income populations withstand income shocks, manage volatile cash flows, meet emergency needs, stay ahead of inflation, and potentially make personal or professional investments.

As of 2020, BitMinutes has kicked-off an introductory promotion in which Nigerians have the ability to buy BMTs and earn 1 percent monthly by holding them in the account, just as certificates of deposit (CDs) work in traditional banks. Account openers will have the choice of 30, 60, 90, 120 and 180-day terms for their special super savings accounts, with penalties for early withdrawal.

Nigerians can participate in this program by downloading the BitMinutes app to their Android mobile phone, or by visiting a member of the Trusted Agent Network (“TAN Agents”).


Mobile Mining

BitMinutes rewards up to 12% in BitMinutes per annum on Global BMTs that are held in either a BMT wallet, on the tracking BitMinutes app, or via website use. When holders of BMT log into the BitMinutes app or to the website, mining will continue for 24 hours, whether the wallet holder is active or not.

Traditionally, mining requires expensive hardware such as graphic processing units and massive power supply. BitMinutes solves this problem providing a unique return by enabling cloud-based Proof of Stake (PoS) mining for Global BMTs for all BitMinutes mobile app users.


    BitMinutes Smart Loans

    The Smart Loan amount a consumer qualifies for will be determined by an artificial intelligence algorithm including social media analysis in addition to the above parameters. Wallet holders who maintain BitMinutes balances in their wallet can use a portion of these balances as funding for Smart Loans. TAN agents are the marketing and operational distribution network to issue mobile wallets, issue cash and accept cash repayments. TAN Agents receive a portion of the interest and repayment of principal once the Smart Loan has matured. In this model, the TAN Agent owns BMTs as well, demonstrating they have “skin in the game” which helps lower default rates. Because the credit of these borrowers may be quite low and the risk of default high, microloans command above market interest rates, making them enticing for investors.

    Using an internal network for the BitMinutes loan decision-making process will enable fast processing of microloans with no human intervention. The lending engine assesses the credit risk before a loan is issued and during the repayment process, which creates quality feedback data for the lending engine. The continuous underwriting process will take in real-time data, such as the smartphone airtime usage, location services and incoming remittances. The lending engine will also check for fraud during decision-making processing by correlating several data points during an application process.