We are a dedicated team of FinTech professionals who provide cost-effective telecommunications and financial services aimed at over four billion underbanked consumers

We Are BitMinutes

We were born out of the global reality that developing economies are underserved and lack the infrastructure required to drive growth. Traditional financial services do not possess the reach to individuals and small businesses within these economies, so access to capital is expensive or impossible to get, payment models are sub-optimal, and there’s no ability for the peoples locked in these regions to meaningfully save or store value for stability. Through truly innovative use of emergent technologies, savvy in FinTech, and our key global alliances, BitMinutes is on the cusp of triggering a financial revolution in pockets of the world that need it most. Open your free digital wallet today through our distribution partner Trusted Agent Network.

BlockChain Technology & Community Solutions

BitMinutes will UberFi your community. A pioneer in issuing asset-backed tokens, Bitminutes, has contractually obligated its asset-backed digital currency (BMT) to provide stablecoins to support multiple currencies. The Trusted USD, the Trusted Kenyan Shilling (tKES), the Trusted Nigerian Naira (tNGN) and the Trusted Guatemalan Quetzal (tGTQ). All three are currently in circulation.

Our Story

The journey began In 2012 (see our full roadmap here), when our team of Harvard and Stanford graduates came together to launch the P2P Cash Incubator to develop global Financial Technology applications. Our primary goal is to improve the financial well-being of the 2 billion under-banked people in the world through the use of blockchain.

Whereas many early stage startup endeavors can be risky since they typically raise capital for incomplete projects that do not address a proven consumer market. BitMinutes are in continuous production, targeting the combined global remittance and mobile prepaid industries market valued at $1.2 trillion. 

We invented BitMinutes (BMTs), a new digital token based on International (ISO) Banking Standards to not only provide secure liquidity for P2P lenders but also democratize P2P lending at denominations as small as $10. Their inter-changeability between prepaid minutes and cash collateralizes even the smallest P2P loan.

Today we have a global distribution in place with the ability to reach over 4 billion mobile phones and over 1.2 billion bank and mobile wallet accounts. BitMinutes use builds both consumer credit and acts as a collateral for lending.