A "Branchless Banking" Network

A Trusted Agent Network (TAN) brings affordable, secure, mobile phone-based financial services to communities that lack traditional banking services. TAN Agents become the financial center of their community as local agents sharing financial services. There are three types of TAN Agents who use the BitMinutes mobile DLT/blockchain technology to share financial services with customers, friends, and family who can also join the network.

  • Retailers with a Physical Location: This allows the corner store to become the corner banker.
  • Independent Agents: For entrepreneurs that are not tied to a retailer or physical store, the opportunity to become a “Branchless Banker.”
  • Publishers: For publishers with a significant digital footprint, there is an opportunity to participate in revenue sharing as a TAN Publisher.

To assist in BMTs distribution, BitMinutes has created TAN and associated mobile applications for both consumers and agents. TAN creates a business opportunity for the two billion underbanked individuals to become what the World Bank describes as a “Branchless Banking” network of trusted agents. A TAN network can provide substantial job creation opportunities and easy access to financial services, replicable on a global basis.

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Free money transfers to your friends and family in Africa and Central America. You can now use your checking account to quickly fund your TAN digital wallet and send money for free.

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